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Welcome to the site that compares the different water softener methods available on the market. Reading the information on this site will give you the information, facts, and a "guide" to selecting the water softener that is most appropriate for your particular needs. Discussed are the advantages and disadvantages to the top water softener methods along with recommendations and where to purchase.

The benefits of owning a water softener vary depending on the type of water softener that you choose. Overall the pros of owning a water softener far out weighs the cons. Increased efficiency of appliances, energy savings, fewer harsh cleaning agents, eliminates hard to clean spots, saving the environment, no wasted water, maintenance free are a few of the benefits of owning a water softener(benefits may vary depending on the type of water softener method chosen).

It is important when selecting a water softener that you are aware of the location you will be installing it to ensure that required space is available. When installing a salt based water softener on new construction, it is also best to bypass irrigation and the kitchen plumbing as it is not recommend for drinking, cooking, or plants. Salt based water softeners will regenerate usually once a week to clean and re-fluff the resin bed. A drain will be required for this process. Salt free water softeners do not require any drains, special plumbing, or reverse osmosis filters for drinking water. With the advances in technology, the consumer now has alternatives to traditional salt based water softeners. Also you may want to consider the cost of maintaining a water softener.

Some water softeners require bags of salt, or potassium, electricity, and fresh water for back washing. Normal household cleaning is still required for all water softeners regardless of the method or type. Many people believe that water softeners will eliminate spotting and the need to clean, the fact is that when water is left to dry in a pool or if water splashes on any surface and left to dry, something will be left behind. The point of a water softener is to eliminate the negative effects of hard water. Comparing water softeners can be time consuming and or confusing, this site will hopefully help you to determine what water softener is right for you. You will read a lot of information on water softeners and the effect they have on their environment.

We hope you found the site informative and useful in your decision to purchase a water softener.This website is provided to you courtesy of Enviro Water Solutions, which also does business as WaterFilter USA, the distributor of the Pelican™ Salt-Free Softener, one of the water filters mentioned in this web site. In addition to offering information to assist in your understanding of this technology so that you can make an informed choice, we have compiled data on what we feel are the top softening methods and brands on the market today and rated them on several key points to further assist you in choosing between methods and brands. Understanding the importance of a water softener and its function, as well as understanding what you can expect from it, will allow you to be happy and satisfied with the water softener you ultimately choose for your home.

Your health and wellness begin and depend on high quality, healthy water.

Compare Water Softeners

Water softeners do not remove contaminants, such as chlorine, chloramines, THM's, VOC's, SOC's, they are designed to address hard water issues.
It is recommended that a whole house water filter be coupled with any water softener.

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